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The French Academy of Fine Arts plays an important role in the musical world.It makes many annual awards, the most important of which are the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for Choral Music, the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation Music Prize, the Pierre Cardin Music Prize and the Charles Munch–Academy of Fine Arts Prize.

These initiatives help the French Fine Art Academy to make a significant contribution to France’smusical life. To honour its statutory commitments to help and encourage young musicians, the Academy, prompted by Monsieur Arnaud d’Hauterives (their Perpetual Secretary) and Monsieur Jean-Louis Florentz (academician, organist and composer), decided in 2002 to award a Grand Prix for organists similar to awards made in other artistic disciplines.  Since its inception, the Grand Prix has been organized by the Association pour la Connaissance, la Sauvegarde et la Promotion des Orgues du Maine-et-Loire(CSPO) (Association for the discovery, protection and promotion of organs in the Maine-et-Loire department), In partnership with the town of Beaufort–en-Vallée for the semi-final and the city of Angers for the final. It replaced the Concours National Inter-conservatoires (National Inter-Conservatory Competition) created in 1993 by the CSPO in Maine-et-Loire.


Encouragement of Young organists

Every year the Jean-Louis Florentz Organ Grand Prix, organised by the CSPO with help from the French Academy of Fine Arts and the Institut de France, provides an opportunity of helping to launch young artists of all nationalities on their professional careers.


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